Wheelchair Transportation Englewood
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Wheelchair Transportation Englewood

We know the importance of wheelchair transportation Englewood services for the many individuals that have no other way of getting around and for whom it is an absolute necessity not a choice to ask for help. It is for those people that Florida Transport operates wheelchair transportation services Englewood. To give them back a sense of independence, so that they know if they need to be somewhere they have the means to get there. Our Wheelchair Taxi Englewood is for seniors, elderly patients or individuals who require mobility assistance. Including individuals that need mobile or manual wheelchairs to get about.

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Wheelchair Transport Englewood

Our Vehicles

Our vehicles are used for non-emergency medical transportation and also for transportation services for individuals in automatic, or mechanical wheelchairs, or individuals with other mobility issues. If you’re looking for versatility, affordability and a dependable ride, we are the company to call. Our vehicles can be used for wheelchair transport Englewood & suburbs. They can also be used for ambulatory patients and transportation of seniors. All of our vehicles have spacious interiors with room for a wheelchair and another 3 seated passengers. We have fold flat ramps with all of our vehicles, except for those installed with lifts.

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Wheelchair Transportation: How It Works

At Pickup:

When your wheelchair transport arrives, the driver will come to your door and assist you to the vehicle. The driver can assist you with your belongings and can even help you secure your home. They will then assist you to the wheelchair transport vehicle. The driver will then safely load you into the vehicle and assist with your seat belt. The driver will place your belongings next to you and make sure you are secure and comfortable. They will notify the dispatch that they have you and will proceed to your destination.

At Drop Off:

When you reach your destination, our drivers are specially trained to safely unload you from the vehicle and take you to your appointment or wherever you need to be. The driver will assist you to the building and help you check in. They will then confirm with you your return trip before they take their leave from you.

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Safe Wheelchair Transportation

The Importance of a Wheelchair Tie-Down System

Whenever wheelchair users are being transported in a vehicle, whether a public bus or a private transport vehicle, they need, for their safety and the safety of those around them to be secured and tied down. The ADA requires that all paratransit vans and public buses are equipped with wheelchair stations and securement straps for securing the wheelchair to the floor of the vehicle. Privately owned vehicles that perform wheelchair transportation Englewood, are also obliged to have tie down straps or a crash- tested docking system.

On public wheelchair transport Englewood, securing a wheelchair takes time and wheelchair users may become pressured in order not to secure their wheelchairs. If however a wheelchair is not secured it can fly out of the vehicle if there is a crash. Unsecured wheelchairs can also tip over or move over the vehicle floor and cause serious injury to the wheelchair user or other passengers.