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When you are in need of transport to a medical facility, be it a hospital or doctor’s surgery, there are several available options that you can choose from. However, it is important that you understand the differences between the options. The two main options are the Emergency Medical Services, or EMS and Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, also known as NEMT.

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What is the difference between EMS and NEMT?

EMS are services used in emergency situations that provide urgent medical treatment and stabilization for serious illness or injuries during the transport to a hospital. These services involve paramedics or medically trained first aiders and ambulances and helicopters, in extreme circumstances. EMS involves many different individuals working together, it is not just a mode of transport but an excellent co-ordinated response system, which can respond to medical emergencies, quickly and effectively

NEMT is active in non-emergency situations. That doesn’t mean that it isn’t as important or valuable. Some patients require medical treatment or the use of special medical equipment during transport. So many NEMT vehicles are similar to ambulances that are used in EMS. Non-Emergency Medical Transport is used in non- emergency or non-life threatening medical situations, but they still serve the same purpose. They transport individuals needing medical attention or medical appointments to medical facilities.

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NEMT’s are used in a variety of situations for a variety of purposes

Non emergency medical transportation is a great way to get you to your destinations without having to drive or taking public transportation. Non emergency transportation can be used by people of all ages who might want to travel to certain places, especially shopping malls, medical places and retirement homes.

Long Distance Medical Treatment Trasnportation

Long distance medical treatments transportation is for people that are in need of a medical procedure or medical treatment in a different state but are unable to fly, or needs medical equipment during the journey.

Medical Appointments

NEMT is a common way to transport different patients to rehabilitation facilities, hospital appointments and other medical appointments. Some patients need wheelchairs, stretchers, oxygen masks and other supportive medical equipment. NEMT services are often needed by many patients who have no way of traveling to medical facilities without NEMT aid.

Leisure Travel

NEMT services are often hired when an individual needs to travel long distances or to visit family. Families who have members that need medical equipment during transport can be confident that their loved ones are safe for the journey.

The Organizational Structure of NEMT Providers

NEMT providers are often private businesses. All of their drivers and support staff are trained and experienced in medical care. Their vehicles are specially outfitted with equipment that meets the regulations and standards needed for medical transport vehicles.

To Summarize

EMS systems are part of a country’s public safety services, they involve the collaboration of many different government organizations responding to medical emergencies. Whereas, NEMT systems are supplied by private businesses and they are hired privately by individuals needing medical aid during transport.

September 2, 2022
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