transportation for seniors to medical appointments

As our loved ones age and are no longer able to drive, it becomes difficult for them to get from A to B. Transportation problems can be crippling to their independence and sense of freedom. Not only does it affect their sense of independence but it also causes problems when it comes to getting rides for seniors to medical appointments.

There are, in fact, a variety of transportation options that are aimed specifically for transportation for seniors to medical appointments and other people with mobility problems. A variety of private businesses, state programs, and non-profit organizations. A good place to start searching is by looking through options for public transit.

10  Types of Transportation For Seniors To Medical Appointments 


  1. Have a close family member or friend drive the senior to the hospital. If they can travel safely In a normal vehicle.
  2. Arrange for a taxi, this option is not ideal, if the senior needs any assistance and can work out costly.
  3. Use a medical car, this one is ideal for seniors that have some mobility but need assistance. This service is usually affordable and has the benefit that the senior is traveling with a medical professional. Medical vehicles include: vans, SUVs and Sedans
  4. Use a wheelchair van, wheelchair transport is the perfect option for seniors that are confined to a wheelchair. The attendants provide assistance in loading and unloading the senior from the van. If necessary they can also provide a wheelchair.
  5. Use an ambulance, this is an expensive option for rides to medical  appointments for seniors and should only be used If the senior needs an ambulance.
  6. A Home health aide. can drive the seniors’ car. This option is available if the senior has live-in assistance and a car, or they can pay hourly for the service.
  7. Public transport. Depending on where you live, and the specific needs of the senior, seniors might have access to ferries, shuttles, trams, buses, subways, light rail, and others. usually at a fairly low cost, with a senior discount.
  8. Use Uber, or another shared ride app. Again this depends upon the senior’s needs,  for occasional rides to medical appointments for seniors,  it could be a viable option. There is a rideshare service for seniors called GoGoGrandparent. Foldable wheelchairs and other walking devices are no issue for GoGoGrandparent, making it a good choice for those who are able to get in and out of cars without assistance.
  9. Local churches and nonprofit organizations. sometimes run a volunteer driver programme. For finding similar local programs, the government has set up a website, Eldercare Locator, which lets you search by zip code for local transportation services, as well as other senior services.
  10. Insurance providers.  Because rides for seniors to medical appointments are essential to receiving care, insurance providers sometimes include coverage for transportation costs related to medical purposes. There are usually limits on the number of trips you can take.


November 18, 2022
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