Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Plantation Wheelchair And Stretcher

Florida Transfer

Florida Transfer is a family-owned company providing specialized and professional transportation services for individuals with disability and mobility issues. Our services include non-emergency medical transportation Plantation services, non-medical transportation Plantation services, and elderly transportation service Plantation. Our transportation services enable our clients to get to medical appointments and medical facilities that they would be unable to get to otherwise.


owner of the company offering handicapped transportation service Englewood with one of his clients

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Our NEMT transportation Plantation service is available for seniors and people with disabilities, who cannot get around easily. It allows them to get to doctors’ appointments, dentists, and other medical visits.

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wheelchair transportation englewood in adapted red bus

Wheelchair Transportation Plantation

Our wheelchair transportation service is a wheelchair user available and takes you wherever you want to go and back again, in comfort, safety, and, peace of mind.

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black airport bus Englewood oferring transportation

Shuttle Bus Plantation

If you are taking a flight or need to be picked up, our airport shuttle service is available for anyone with mobility issues and wheelchair users. We have a variety of vehicles to meet your needs.

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Stretcher Transport Plantation

Our stretcher transport staff is happy to help you reach your destination in comfort and safety. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure you enjoy the ride.

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Florida Transfer

Safe and Comfortable Wheelchair Transportation Plantation Service

We provide a range of specialized transportation services for individuals with disabilities, wheelchair users, and seniors. We guarantee a safe, comfortable, and reliable service at affordable prices. If you need to get to a medical appointment or to medical facilities our non-emergency medical transportation Plantation services will make sure that you get there on time. We have vehicles that can accommodate all types and sizes of wheelchairs. Our drivers are trained and can help you alight the vehicle and get off. They will make sure you are comfortable and safely secured for your journey.

wheelchair transportation Englewood waiting for client