Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Osprey Wheelchair and Stretcher

Florida Transfer

We provide Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Osprey services to medical and non-medical facilities for clients with disabilities. Our services are available in Englewood, Venice, Rotonda, and the surrounding suburbs.


owner of the company offering handicapped transportation service Englewood with one of his clients

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Osprey

Our service enables senior persons, and persons with mobility issues, that can’t use regular transportation to medical and non-medical facilities.

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wheelchair transportation englewood in adapted red bus

Wheelchair Transportation Osprey

Our Wheelchair Transportation Osprey Services are available for wheelchair users that need to get around. Whether you need to go, we can take you!

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Stretcher Transport Osprey

Our stretcher transport Osprey service assures you are in safe hands. Our goal is to take away any stress and arrive at your destination safe and sound.

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black airport bus Englewood oferring transportation

Shuttle Bus Service Osprey

Our airport shuttle Osprey service is available to pick you up from the airport and drop you off in plenty of time for your flight. Our vehicles include airport bus Osprey, taxi, and transport for wheelchair users.

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