Non-Emergency Medical Transportation North Port Wheelchair and Stretcher

Florida Transfer

Florida Transfer is the premier non emergency medical transportation service North Port area. NEMT is required by all patients who need to go to and from their medical appointments in North Port and all surrounding suburbs . Clients rely on our friendly staff to ensure that they arrive safely at all of their destinations.


owner of the company offering handicapped transportation service Englewood with one of his clients

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

This service transfers senior persons, or persons with an impediment that can’t use regular transportation to medical and non-medicals facilities.

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Wheelchair Transportation

Our Wheelchair Transportation Services Englewood can transport all types of wheelchair, whether you need: one- way, round trip or multiple stops.

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Shuttle Bus Service

We provide various modes of transportation to and from airports, including: standard transport, shuttle bus, taxi and transport for wheelchair users.

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Stretcher Transport

Our Stretcher Transport Service will take care of you. The team is dedicated to your safety and well-being, making sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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Florida Transfer

Safe and Comfortable Wheelchair Transportation North Port Service

Florida Transfer provides safe and reliable non-emergency medical transportation North Port to people who need assistance getting to medical appointments, shopping malls, retirement homes, and more. Our trained drivers will assist you with getting in and out of the vehicle safely, as well as transporting wheelchairs of any size. With our wheelchair transportation Sarasota passengers are never left behind by a driver or alone at their destination.

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Disinfected Cars

We take your comfort and safety seriously. Every vehicle and every driver at Florida Transfer is specially trained to disinfect all vehicles thoroughly before the next journey.

Safe Cars

At Florida Transfer, we take pride in providing safe and easy to operate vehicles. Our staff will help you enter or exit the vehicle, and our vehicles have a multitude of safety features.

Helpful Drivers

Let us do the driving for you. We can take you wherever you need to go in North Port, whether it be to the airport or to your hotel.

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Florida Transfer North-Port

Wheelchair Transportation: How It Works

At Pickup:

When you use our wheelchair transportation North-Port service, our driver will come to your door when they arrive. They will offer you assistance for any needs you have, including, helping you with your possessions and securing your home. When you are ready, the driver will assist you into the vehicle and make sure that you are safely secured and comfortable for the journey. They will inform the dispatch that you have been safely picked up and you can relax and enjoy the comfortable, safe journey to your destination.

At Drop Off:

When you arrive at your final destination, the driver has been trained to unload you from the vehicle, safely and carefully. After you have exited the vehicle the driver will escort you into the building and assist in you signing in. They will confirm with you before they leave, the time of your return journey.