Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Bradenton Wheelchair and Stretcher

Florida Transfer

At Florida Transport we provide reliable, safe and affordable Wheelchair transportation Bradenton series and NEMT Bradenton services. We are a family-owned business based in Englewood and serving all the surrounding Suburbs. Our transportation services allow people with mobility problems to be able to get to medical facilities and to medical appointments.


owner of the company offering handicapped transportation service Englewood with one of his clients

Non Emergency Medical Transportation Bradenton

Our NEMT Bradenton service is specifically for people with mobility problems and seniors. We transport them to appointments, medical and otherwise, that they would be unable to get to otherwise.

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wheelchair transportation englewood in adapted red bus

Wheelchair Transportation Bradenton

If you are a wheelchair user, our wheelchair transportation Bradenton service will take you to whatever destination you choose. Single trip, return or with multiple stops, whatever you need.

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black airport bus Englewood oferring transportation

Shuttle Bus Bradenton

If you need to travel to or from the airport, use our professional airport bus shuttle service. We have different vehicles to suit everyone’s needs: shuttle buses, taxis and wheelchair-carriers.

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Stretcher Transport Bradenton

Our Stretcher Transport Service will take care of you. The team is dedicated to your safety and well-being, making sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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Florida Transfer

Safe and Comfortable Wheelchair Transportation Bradenton Service

At Florida Transfer we provide non-emergency medical transportation Bradenton services that are reliable, safe and affordable. Our NEMT Bradenton services are for seniors, and clients with mobility issues and problems getting to doctor’s appointments and other medical appointments. For clients needing wheelchair transportation Bradenton services, our vehicles are compatible with all tyres of wheelchair. Our drivers are both experienced and trained to assist you getting onto the vehicle and getting off at the journey’s end. They will ensure that you are surely secured and comfortable before the start of the journey. You can sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.
wheelchair transportation Englewood waiting for client