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People with mobility issues and those who are wheelchair-bound can have difficulties getting around. Thanks to the many private transportation companies that have been developed, there are many options for traveling via NEMT ( NON-EMERGENCY MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION) rides and NMT (NON-MEDICAL TRANSPORTATION) transportation. It is relatively straightforward for people with disabilities to get around and not have to depend on family and friends. But what about international travel?

  1. How To Travel Without Any Problems? Have A Look.
  2. What Are The Steps Wheelchair Users Should Take At The Airport? Check That Out!

Can You Take A Wheelchair Into A Plane?

There are several airport shuttles and wheelchair shuttle taxis that are available to transport people with mobility issues or other disabilities to the airport, but once you arrive is there available assistance? How easy is it to travel with a wheelchair?

Yes, you can travel with a wheelchair, but how easy it depends upon the type and size of the wheelchair that you have. There is limited space onboard some planes, for standard wheelchairs. If you have a larger or powered wheelchair, these have to be stored with the luggage. If you have a power chair, as long as it has a sealed battery you shouldn’t have any problems.

Tips To Help Make Your Travel Problem-FreeĀ 

  1. Make sure to have the details of your wheelchair battery on hand when booking your flight.
  2. Ask about wheelchair accessibility at the airport and how much assistance you can expect to get.
  3. Book a seat at the front of the plane, in the aisle.
  4. Work out how you’ll transfer into the seat, whether by transfer straps or a transfer board.
  5. Verify your reservation the day before your flight; check in via an app or online.
  6. Give yourself plenty of time to get to the airport and arrive 1-2 hours before the flight.

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Getting Through Security

On arrival at the airport, when you pass through security, if you have a power wheelchair you may be required to check it in. If this does happen, they should give you a terminal wheelchair to use and an assistant to help you to the plane. Be sure to remove any personal belongings from your chair. There will be people around to help you.


At the gate, you can check what arrangements have been made for your pre-boarding. You will likely be transferred to an aisle-sized wheelchair and escorted to your designated seat.

Arrival At Your Destination

When you arrive at your destination, you will need to wait for all the other passengers to disembark, before you can leave the plane. The airline assistants will help you disembark.

December 5, 2022
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