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Florida Transfer

We are a family-owned, small business, providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation & comfort 6 person shuttle bus services throughout Englewood, Venice, Rotonda, Sarasota and suburbs for persons with impairments or persons unable to access regular transport.


owner of the company offering handicapped transportation service Englewood with one of his clients

Non Emergency Medical Transportation

This service transfers senior persons, or persons with an impediment that can’t use regular transportation to medical and non-medicals facilities.

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wheelchair transportation englewood in adapted red bus

Wheelchair Transportation

Our Wheelchair Transportation Services Englewood can transport all types of wheelchair, whether you need: one- way, round trip or multiple stops.

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Shuttle Bus Service

We provide various modes of transportation to and from airports, including: standard transport, shuttle bus, taxi and transport for wheelchair users.

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Stretcher Transport

Our Stretcher Transport Service will take care of you. The team is dedicated to your safety and well-being, making sure your trip goes as smoothly as possible.

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Florida Transfer

Safe and Comfortable Wheelchair Transportation Service

We are a family-owned, small business, providing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation services throughout Englewood, Venice, Rotonda and suburbs. We treat all our clients with professional courtesy, consideration and care. We offer reliable, punctual transportation, custom designed, for persons with impairments or persons unable to access regular transport. Our professional service allows clients, family members and medical providers transportation to medical and non-medical destinations. Our business is built on our core values: honesty, integrity and respect. We strive to offer the safest, most punctual and cleanest transportation; from which our clients can feel dignity, trust and confidence that they are in caring, capable hands.

wcheelchair transport Englewood in a red shuttle bus
Disinfected Cars

Our drivers have been specially trained to disinfect all vehicles thoroughly and effectively before the next journey.

Safe Cars

Our vehicles are safe and easy to operate. Our ramps assist people in entering or exiting the vehicles, and our vehicles have a multitude of safety features.

Helpful Drivers

Our drivers are trained to be the best in their field and make sure that you enjoy your short or long distance trip.

Travel safe with professional drivers

Our Customers Experience

Are you satisfied with your travel? Live a review and get special discount for next trip!

A great experience, the driver was very friendly and courteous, he was exactly on time and he made sure I was comfortable and safe. I thoroughly recommend this great service!
Remco, Google Reviewer 5*
My doctor recommended this wheelchair taxi for me and I'm glad he did. They give great customer service, my driver was a really nice guy, I felt safe and secure. The vehicle was comfortable and clean. I definitely will be using them on a regular basis for all my transportation.
Frank Google Reviewer 5*
So grateful for this wonderful, professional and caring service!!
Jane, Google Reviewer 5*
Safe Medical Transportation Service

Why Choose Us

Aa a professional Medical Transportation Englewood company, we provide safe and cost-effective wheelchair transport & non-emergency medical transport services. Our cars are new and safe, tailored to handicapped transportation needs.

  • Safe & Wheelchair Access Cars
    Our vehicles have easy wheelchair access ramps
  • Certified & Experienced Drivers
    Our drivers are well-trained and checked.
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  • Door-To-Door Service
    We provide door-to-door service to meet our customers expectations
  • Helpful and Friendly Service
    Our customer service is the best in the industry
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Florida Transport COVID-19 Response

Due to the increased risks associated with COVID-19, the safety and sanitation standards in each vehicle have increased to prevent risk, and protect our customers, from COVID-19. We will continue with safe, reliable transportation services. We are aware that non-emergency medical transportation Englewood is a necessity for many individuals at this time.

Hand Sanitizer for Both Customer and Driver

To protect and prevent against COVID-19, CDC recommends frequent use of an alcohol-based hand sanitizer, for both customers and drivers.

Supply of Masks for Both Driver and Customer

CDC recommends the use of cloth face masks in public places, for protection, when social distancing is difficult to maintain.

Disinfection After Every Ride, Including All Touchable Surfaces

After every trip, our drivers have been specially trained to disinfect all vehicles thoroughly and effectively, before the next journey.

Fogging Sanitation

Fogging sanitation guns are used to spray and disinfect each and every vehicle and its associated equipment with disinfectant solution.

What is non-emergency medical transportation?

Non-emergency medical transportation Englewood (NEMT) is transportation for individuals unable to use public or private transportation to get to medical appointments, whether due to age, disability or other impediment. Such as: senior transportation services, handicap transportation and wheelchair transportation Englewood services. Non Medical transportation (NMT) is transportation by private or public vehicle for people, with an impediment, who do not have another way to get to their non-medical appointments. If you want to learn more, check out our blog post.

What kind of rides can I book with Florida Transport?

The most common use of Florida transport services is for transport to and from non-emergency appointments, including: dental, opticians, medical checkups and mental health appointments. The service is especially valuable in situations when individuals cannot safely transport themselves, such as when having anesthesia or eye treatments. In addition to medical appointments Florida transport is able to transport Individuals to non medical destinations such as airports transfers Englewood, grocery stores and family occasions.